Kayla was referred to New Dawn New Day as she was leaving prison on licence. She had served a series of short sentences mostly in connection with her drug and alcohol use.

Kayla first appeared to be a tough and confident young woman who did not feel she needed any support and just wanted to get on with her life.

Her Probation Officer and Outreach Support Worker were persistent in making contact and she eventually agreed to come along and have a couple of sessions to look at her needs. It very quickly transpired that Kayla felt very out of control. Her mental health was deeply affected by a history of early trauma and abuse with her substance misuse problems being a coping strategy to deal with this.

She started to attend the Women’s Centre several times a week and eventually attended a number of groups, including an arts and crafts group she found particularly therapeutic. She started to feel more stable and her Outreach Worker helped her to find more suitable accommodation as there was a lot of drug and alcohol use at the block of flats she lived in.

Although during this time she had a number of relapses she was able to accept the support of a drug and alcohol worker who she was able to see at the Women’s Centre. She completed her licence conditions but continued to attend some of the activities.

“I find New Dawn New Day that inspiring and I am carrying on with my groups.  I am where I am now because of what I have done myself but if it wasn’t for them supporting me as much as they have who knows where I would be”

Kayla has now settled into her new flat. She continued with her counselling for a further 8 months and was helped to access further support for her mental health through the NHS

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