We believe that all women and girls have the right to reach their potential and to live their lives free from poverty and violence. We are passionate about what we do.
We know it makes a difference.

Through our work we know that women and girls affected by poverty, trauma and abuse have the potential to transform their lives. We support them by providing a safe environment and high quality, gender-responsive, trauma-informed support.

New Dawn New Day has worked to support the wellbeing of women and girls in Leicester and Leicestershire for over 30 years. We started out as a community-based women’s centre in the 1980s, and we now deliver a range of services to vulnerable and socially excluded women designed to meet their multiple and complex needs.

Our Approach

Our approach to working with women is holistic and trauma informed. Women’s lives are complicated. They often have multiple needs. We take a holistic approach which works with the whole woman, not just one issue or problem area.

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Who Funds Us

New Dawn New Day strives to deliver the greatest social impact in a sustainable and responsible way. We rely on funding from a range of sources including charitable trusts, police and probation services and local government as well as income from donations, client contributions and training events.

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Holistic Support

New Dawn New Day offers practical, emotional and therapeutic support to women and girls who are considered vulnerable and have multiple and complex needs. Our support helps women and girls to turn their lives around.

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Psychological Therapies for Women and Girls

New Dawn New Day offers accessible, high quality psychological therapeutic interventions for women and girls.

Group Support

We offer therapeutic group support to women affected by trauma. The group is a 12 week programme, facilitated by a qualified counsellor, offering a safe and supportive space to explore experiences of trauma. The group is designed to help women

  • Understanding themselves better
  • Make sense of the thoughts, feeling and behaviours which may cause them distress
  • Become more able to feel, express and manage their emotions
  • Become more confident
  • Express themselves more appropriately and effectively
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve relationships with others, including partners, parents, children, friends and work colleagues.

This group is free and open to referrals from women in the community. For further information please call 03333 444 304

Our Impact

New Dawn New Day is a small charity that delivers a big impact. With our help many women have turned around their lives and we work with over 250 women a year.

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