Diverting Women from Offending

Just Women’ is a project that works with women who have come into contact with Criminal Justice Services or are at risk of offending.

Many of the women we work with are referred by the Police following their arrest or by Probation Services if they are serving a community sentence or have been released on licence from prison. We also deliver our holistic support service to women whose circumstances place them at risk of offending or re-offending.

"When you walk into the centre it feels like a huge hug. The energy & atmosphere are so lovely, even talking on the phone to staff. It's a safe space & I can drop my walls"

Just Women Conditional Caution Project

What it is: It focuses on early intervention and diversion, through an Out of Court Disposal which aims to not only reduce women’s re-offending but to divert women from the courts, probation and ultimately prison.

What we do: We act as the single point of contact for all women served with a conditional caution in Leicestershire. We assertively engage with women referred to us and work with them to look at their needs and strengths and develop a support plan. We refer women with substance misuse problems directly in to drug and alcohol services and we provide up to 6 one-to-one support sessions to enable the individual to complete the caution thereby avoiding being sent to court and ending up with a criminal conviction.

What else?: Women who engage in this service also have the opportunity to be referred into our wider holistic services where they can receive longer term support and access group programmes and counselling. 

Partners: Developed in partnership with Leicestershire Police and the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Just Women Community Rehabilitation

What it is: This Community Rehabilitation part of the Just Women project works with women who are serving community orders or have been released from prison on licence. Attendance at the project and can be used to meet a court mandated Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

What we do: We deliver a suite of interventions to women across Leicestershire which tackle the most common themes for women who offend, including:

How we work: Programmes can be delivered to a group of women which allows opportunity for them to receive peer support. We can also work on a flexible, one-to-one basis with women need it.

What else?: Women attending programmes also have the option to be considered for more intensive support provided through our wider holistic services.

Partners: Commissioned by Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Community Rehabilitation Company. The project is part of a much wider network of commissioned Women’s Services Providers which spans the two regions of East and West Midlands.

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