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“Volunteering at New Dawn New Day has been a wonderful experience. The staff have been amazing and supportive, and quick to utilise my skill set. As a result, I have felt valued and engaged and able to work with clients in the most effective way over these difficult times. It has been wonderful a opportunity to be involved with a great organisation.” - Beth

Volunteer with us at New Dawn New Day

Our volunteers provide vital support to both the women they work with individually, and the services and support that we can offer to our clients. We are extremely appreciative of the wonderful work and support of all our volunteers, and are truly moved by their commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Our volunteering roles

How do we support our volunteers?

At New Dawn New Day our volunteers can expect to receive a high level of support, which includes:

Want to volunteer?

If you would like to know more about volunteering for New Dawn New Day, please contact our Participation Manager – Sian Jones

“My experience with New Dawn New Day has been wholeheartedly positive. The staff have been most supportive and accessible. I have never been left alone with any potentially disturbing issues and there have been helpful feedback meetings with other volunteers and excellent training. Most importantly, my experience of working with my client has, I feel, been beneficial to both her and to me. I was able to give her support when needed, it has been a challenging time and she had up and down days. I felt I was able to left her and provide some consistency in her life. She has moved on now and this provided me with the satisfaction of a job well done. I am very happy with my experience at New Dawn New Day and I feel the project I am involved in is worthwhile.” – Carole

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