Our 2023-2024 Impact Report is coming soon! However our 2021-2022 Impact Report is available to download here. 

We are proud to showcase our dedication to supporting women affected by trauma, violence and abuse. New Dawn New Day offers a range of projects which respond to the multiple complex needs of women referred into our service. Our Impact Report highlights our charity’s positive impact, explains the benefits of our Trauma-informed and responsive approach and most importantly, amplifies the voices of the women we support.

We asked a sample of women we were working with, or had recently finished working with, to share their experiences before, during and after receiving support from New Dawn New Day. All quotes used throughout our Impact Report are taken directly from this client survey. 

“Since talking to you guys, I have received non-judgmental support and I didn’t have this before. I had felt that no one cared before coming to NDND but I now feel heard and understood”

-NDND Client Survey Respondent